Great Idea for a Cottage or Cabin Exterior


Any owner of a cottage or cabin looking for an authentic log exterior appearance but unwilling to start from scratch should take a look at fake log siding. Fake log siding is a great idea for a cottage or cabin exterior, and it isn’t as expensive as one might think.

Before exploring the costs involved it is important to examine why one would even want to consider adding fake log siding to an existing property. The primary reasons would be to improve the overall appearance of the property, but why would that be important enough to invest any significant sum of money in?

One reason is that fake log siding enhances the rustic authenticity of a property. It may be ironic that something ‘fake’ enhances authenticity. Take for example two houses in the same charming hypothetical mountain community, one with a simple white wooden exterior to a fake log siding. Everything else being equal which one would be likely to sell for a higher price?

The same can be said about rental properties. There is some primal part of the human mind that is invariably attracted to wooden structures. One can call it instincts or taste, but the results are essentially the same: Aesthetically appeasing rentals typically fetch higher prices, and thus the cost of fake log siding on a rental property could eventually pay for itself with increased bookings and/or higher rates.

Fake log siding might also be a great idea for anyone considering building a new cottage or cabin. The extra investment will likely be recoverable to an extent when one sells the property or via renting. So how much effort and money are involved in installing fake log siding? The answer is surprisingly little of both.

Modern fake log siding is available in a wide variety of imitation woods and tones, but almost all of them feature interlocking mechanisms that make installation a nearly painless chore. Tongue and groove style interlocks are one of the most prominent kinds of fake log sidings on the market but chink strip interconnects are becoming increasingly common.

Fake log siding also comes in a variety of sizes and depths. The most common styles are half log siding and split log siding. Despite their names a half log siding is actually far closer to 25% the diameter of a complete faux log while split log siding is closer to 75% of what would be a complete log. Some fake log siding is only 4 inches tall at its maximum while others can be nearly a foot tall.

For purposes of discussing pricing and surface area fake log siding is typically measured per linear foot at a fixed faux log height. Pricing of fake log siding is dependent upon style, height, length, depth, quality, color, and of course the region of the country in which they are purchased. The number of variables accounts for the wide variation of fake log siding prices which typically start at approximately $1.50 per linear foot and can easily exceed $10.00 per linear foot.

Additional costs include the fixtures for windows and corners as well as installation for those who are not interested in attempting serious home improvement tasks on their own. Of course those that do have additional construction materials and tool costs to consider.

Fake log exteriors are generally coated in an all-weather sealant and resistant to scratches, scrapes, dings, and other physical abuse. The low maintenance involved with properly installed fake log siding can also make the initial costs easier to justify in the long run.